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All About Ratties

The Rat Terrier is an American breed that originated from a mixture of crosses by European immigrants in the late 19th century old time Fox Terriers and other European Terriers. They were common on American family farms in the 1920s and 1930s. Click for more about Rat Terriers

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Position Statement on Shock Collars

The New Rattitude Board of Directors has adopted a Position Statement on the use of shock collars. Click to read the Position Statement

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New Rattitude Hates Puppymills

More than 50 million puppies are born each year in puppy mills in the U.S.A. What is a puppy mill and why is this bad? Read here for information.
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Clinic Report

New Rattitude regularly takes in dogs with special medical needs. Please visit our Canine Clinic to learn more about some of the dogs who are in current need of special care and how you can help.
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Puppy Breath

Need a puppy fix? When we have new litters in our fostercare program, we will preview them in our "nursery." Click here to check them out!
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Senior & Middle Aged Ratties

Mature Ratties make some of the very best pets! Want to learn more? Check out our Adopt A Senior information page and visit our Senior Rattie Album
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New Rattitude's 2017 Annual Report

New Rattitude proudly presents our 2017 Annual Report. Click here to view online!

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Foster Home: Leslie, Michigan

A Rat Terrier available for adoption from New Rattitude.

Handsome Charlie is an agile, sturdy 20-lb. Rat Terrier—a typical 1-year-old youngster who loves to play, run, jump, and tussle. Also very smart, Charlie likes to learn new things and please his humans. He is house-trained and currently working hard to remember to sit instead of bouncing about when he is excited (like at dinnertime). Since he is still learning to walk politely on leash and his youthful enthusiasm is sometimes too much to be contained, he needs a securely fenced yard where he can frolic to his heart's content. (For Charlie, "secure" means at least 6 ft. high and not chain-link, which he can climb with ease!) He's so athletic and intelligent that he would make an amazing agility, flyball, or other performance dog. Charlie is sweet, affectionate, and snuggly most of the time. He can, however, be very protective of his food, space, and possessions, and this defensive behavior may lead him to bite people or dogs who invade his eating space or encroach when he is protecting a favored toy or resting spot. Charlie's foster parents are working with him through consistent and positive training to help him learn better ways to express himself. But he nevertheless should not go to a home with young children, who might not be aware of the food that they are holding or of what Charlie is protecting. Fortunately his defensive behavior does not happen often, and since his trigger situations can be managed, he usually gets along well with the other dogs and the dog-savvy cat in his foster home. An experienced and patient adopter who knows how to use positive training methods will be able to help young Charlie continue to learn better ways to communicate while he grows in trust. Charlie hopes that you live no more than a few hours' drive from his foster home so that he can visit to demonstrate his fun, athletic side as well as showing you firsthand the kinds of situations that can trigger his occasional behavioral issues. To see more of this truly amazing though slightly challenging dog, visit his online photo album by clicking HERE. And apply to adopt by clicking HERE.

A Rat Terrier available for adoption from New Rattitude.


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Come one, come all! Ratties and their humans are invited to the 13th Annual Rat Terrier Jamboree in Sweetwater, Tennessee, April 20 and 21! Visit our Jamboree page for details.


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Image: New Rattitude 2017 annual report
New Rattitude proudly presents our 2017 Annual Report. Click here to view online!


Image: Rat Terrier at Animal Shelter Needing Rescue Make a donation to New Rattitude in another's name and honor them in a special way! Visit our Donations page for more information.


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Have you ever considered fostering a Rat Terrier? Wonder how New Rattitude supports our foster homes and makes it easy? CLICK HERE to learn how easy it can be and get your questions answered.


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